September 7, 2014
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images (2) September 9, 2014

“Tapeworm cannot leave human body”

The experienced midwife responsible for the health center at the slope of the fierce volcano Merapi, not far from the city Jogyakarta in Central Java (Indonesia), added that typhoid will also remain in the human body. The health center is a vital pillar of the Indonesian health system.

After the failed cure of the first week and the astonishing diagnosis she gave me another medication for one week. She had still these pills which were already withdrawn by the Ministry of Health and moreover the pills were outdated. Alas, the second cure did not work. As a last resort she sent her husband to buy anti-worm pills at the Chinese drugstore. Unfortunately this desperate effort had no positive result.

We went home to the Netherlands, where the general practitioner cured me in one day. At our next visit to Jogyakarta we met the husband. My wife told him that I was tapeworm free. The man was very shocked hearing this and became whiter than pale. I told him that I had the box of the pills to be handed over to his wife for information. The man said “no no” gesturing fiercely with his both hands and ran out of the house without expressing the required traditional polite valediction.

Shame feeling is ingrained among the people in this region.

 (Event of August 2013)


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